What does a Pelvic Floor Assessment involve?

A lot is the basic answer!!

You will have a discussion about your symptoms and how they relate to your urinary control and whether you have any pelvic, groin or vaginal symptoms. You will also discuss whether your symptoms are affecting your sexual activity or activities like using a tampon

Your pelvic floor will be examined and with your consent may involve an internal assessment. Your pelvic floor can be reliably assessed using ultrasound imaging by your physio. This may be used at your initial assessment or follow-up treatments.

We will see how well you can control your pelvic floor for quick control and endurance.

Lots of time is also spent seeing how your pelvic floor works with your abdominals, hip and breathing muscles. This is where the problems tend to be i.e. they don’t work together.

We also look at your hip, lumber spine (low back), pelvic joints and your rib cage to make sure it’s all moving and working well.

What will treatment consist of?

  • ● Yes, there will be pelvic floor exercises but very specialised ones, very functional and dynamic ways
  • ● Specialised abdominal/breathing strategies
  • ● Manual (hands on) treatment to your lumber spine, pelvis and hips where needed
  • ● A lot of fun as if you enjoy your rehab its likely you will do it!
  • ● When ready we can refer patients for Pilates based classes – Restore your Pelvic Floor in central Edinburgh.

**Please note, as of the 1st June 2024 we will no longer accept any health insurance payments for Pelvic Health appointments (men or women)**

We are fully accredited with all major insurance companies: