Myofascial Release

What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release (MFR) is an effective manual therapy technique that breaks up soft tissue or so-called myofascial restrictions in the body. Healthy fascia is elastic, strong and fluid. Unhealthy fascia is fibrous, stiff and binding.

Myofascial restrictions are caused by trauma, injury, surgery, repetitive use, inflammation and poor body mechanics and posture. From microscopic tears in muscles to scar tissue caused by surgery or inflammation, these fascial restrictions can apply extreme pressures (up to 2000 pounds per square inch) on vital structures like blood vessels, nerves, joints and in abdominal viscera. The result: significant pain that is often difficult to describe and severe dysfunction!

Myofascial restrictions are not detected by MRI, CT or other traditional testing. As a result, patients with myofascial pain are often misdiagnosed, given pain medicine, told to “just live with it” or referred for psychological counselling.

Luckily, research and advancements in the study of fascia now demonstrate the crucial role it has on our health and well being.

A MFR treatment begins with a visual assessment of the individual’s posture, noting any asymmetries and muscle holding patterns. The location of individual’s pain is often not the original problem. For example, an individual may present with neck pain but has no history of injury. A thorough assessment of the individual’s posture might reveal an asymmetry in their pelvis alignment, which potentially alters the overall spinal alignment creating an asymmetrical leg length and overload on the neck surrounding soft tissue that is compensating to this altered position.

Yvonne our MFR specialist, delivers MFR as a holistic, positive process of healing and improvement in function and pain by addressing the underlying issues for a more permanent relief of symptoms.

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