Barre Pilates

Wednesday – 17:30 – 18:15 (45-minutes)

Level: Moderate to high level of intensity. A mix of cardio & high repetition movements.

If you love Pilates, love to dance and want to make it more fun, this is the class for you! A 45-minute moderate to high intensity class that incorporates elements of barre ballet with Pilates concepts. Mostly done standing, this class focuses on increasing upper and lower body strength through up-tempo beats, that also makes muscles able to adapt to quick and slow movements. This high-rep and intensive workout will make you sweat and workout in a fun and energetic way!

Equipment required: Pilates/Yoga mat, small folded towel or cushion, a chair or kitchen counter, small hand weights/cans of food/filled bottles of water, small ball/cushion


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